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  • Belmont Packaging Ltd
    Wigan, United Kingdom
    We are Belmont Packaging Ltd and we design and manufacture printed and plain corrugated cardboard packaging. Our customers tell us we offer consistency, reliability and flexibility of product and service so that they do not fall at the final hurdle, getting their product to their customer in well presented, brand enhancing packaging.
  • Creeds (Southern) Ltd
    Aylesbury, United Kingdom
    Creeds offer high quality machinery and utensils for bakers, confectioners, chefs and pastry chefs. With more than 50 years in the industry, we offer our customers all the benefits of our wealth of experience.
  • G. Mondini (UK) Limited
    Stone, United Kingdom
    G. Mondini UK Ltd is a wholly owned subsidiary of G. Mondini SpA (Italy) operating exclusively throughout mainland UK. We offer innovative and highly efficient packaging solutions to all areas of the Food & Drinks sector. Our core competence is sealing and handling technology, which is complimented by a unique portfolio of packaging technologies including PaperSeal® and Darfresh® on Tray. Operating from our brand new facility complete with Demo Centre in Staffordshire, our sales and service business is primed to support our customers and market.
  • ACC Plastics
    Stoke on Trent, United Kingdom
  • Carton Edge Ltd
    Coventry, United Kingdom
  • Chalfont Products Ltd
    Slough, United Kingdom
  • Coppice Alupack Ltd
    Bridgend, United Kingdom
  • Ideon Packaging
    Hyde, United Kingdom
  • Invicta Bakeware Ltd
    Pickering, United Kingdom
  • James Hamilton Group
    Lurgan, United Kingdom
  • PFF Packaging
    Keighley, United Kingdom
  • Product Release Europe Ltd
    Liverpool, United Kingdom
  • Quadwall Ltd
    Leigh, United Kingdom
  • The Stamford Group Ltd
    Stalybridge, United Kingdom
  • Verona Eco Ltd
    East Kilbride, United Kingdom
  • Visual Packaging
    Nottingham, United Kingdom

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