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  • HRS Heat Exchangers Ltd
    Watford, United Kingdom
    HRS Heat Exchangers provide a range of heat exchangers, components, modules and complete processing systems that help you to optimise production, make the most of raw materials, whilst reducing energy consumption, waste and emissions. Food and beverage processors around the globe rely on our technologies including heat exchangers, pumps, tank equipment and solutions for aseptic filling. These are supplied as stand-alone components or complete solutions and can be customised for your specific processing needs by our engineers. HRS Heat Exchangers operates at the forefront of thermal technology, offering innovative and effective heat transfer products worldwide with a focus on managing energy efficiently.
  • Babcock Wanson UK Ltd
    Borehamwood, United Kingdom
    Babcock Wanson is a major international provider of industrial process heating equipment and thermal process solutions, with a pedigree dating back over 100 years. To meet the needs of high temperature, low pressure processes in the food sector, Babcock Wanson offers Thermal Fluid Heating systems. For other food-processing that requires steam, Babcock Wanson offers both coil type Steam Generators and Fire Tube steam boilers permitting the selection of the most appropriate equipment for the application. Specialist Thermal Oxidisers are also supplied which offer highly effective solutions for VOC and Odour abatement from frying, cooking and processing lines.
  • Holmach Ltd
    Stamford, United Kingdom
    Holmach Ltd is the UK’s leading specialist in thermal processing technology, covering rapid heating and cooling, pasteurisation, sterilisation, aseptic technology and cooking. The company has over 45 years of heritage in providing processing solutions to producers of ready meals, baby food, pet food, condiments and preserves, nut, seed, grain and spice sterilising, confectionery, fruit, savoury and dairy products. Seeking out the most innovative and efficient technology available, Holmach represents leading edge manufacturers including Lagarde, Revtech, Perfinox, Lyco, Atlantic, Roboqbo, CFT, Jorgensen, Niko and UHDE. In some cases the systems work alongside each other to provide combined processing and packaging solutions.
  • Marlen Europe B.V.
    Veurne, Belgium

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