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  • Klipspringer Ltd
    Ipswich, United Kingdom
    Leading the way in colour coding, utensil storage and instrumentation, after twenty years Klipspringer continues to be the ‘go-to supplier of choice’ for food safety and compliance solutions throughout the food industry, including hygiene, production, technical and lean-related products. Whether you’re looking to pass a BRC audit, reduce factory downtime or impress customers and prospects, Klipspringer’s innovative solutions are always relevant – with many of them now firm industry favourites across over 2,500 UK & Ireland manufacturing partners. From UKAS calibration to fully loaded cleaning shadow boards across 11 distinct colours, Klipspringer is a one-stop partner for audit-ready factories accredited to the highest standards.
  • Vaisala Ltd
    Birmingham, United Kingdom
    With over 80 years of measurement technology knowledge, Vaisala assists customers in multiple industries to improve their operational quality, risk reduction, productivity and energy savings. Vaisala offers reliable and easy-to-use instruments and monitoring systems for measuring humidity, dew point, temperature, carbon dioxide and liquid concentrations for various applications as food and beverage manufacturing, greenhouses, fruit and vegetable storages, refrigerated warehouses, food and baking oven monitoring etc. Vaisala’s products are manufactured in Finland.
  • Rotronic Instruments (UK) Ltd
    Crawley, United Kingdom
    ROTRONIC is a Swiss manufacturer of precision temperature, humidity, moisture, low dew point, water activity, CO2, process pressure and airflow monitoring and control devices for the Food industry and many others. A wide range of sensors connect with ROTRONIC handhelds, data loggers, water activity analysers and control transmitters with analogue outputs. The RMS continuous monitoring system provides all data remotely on any device with alarms. ATEX rated sensors are available. ROTRONIC calibration accessories confirm sensor performance. We have a UKAS 0766 / ISO 17025 accredited Temperature, Humidity and Dew Point calibration laboratory for all manufacturers’ sensors.
  • Abacus Instruments Ltd
    Sandy, United Kingdom
  • Alpha Electronics
    Maidstone, United Kingdom
  • British Rototherm Company Ltd
    Port Talbot, United Kingdom
  • Cerulean
    Milton Keynes, United Kingdom
  • Gemini Data Loggers (Tinytag)
    Chichester, United Kingdom
  • Hanwell Solutions Ltd
    Letchworth, United Kingdom
  • H&B Sensors Ltd
    Bognor Regis, United Kingdom
  • Instrotech Ltd
    Watford, United Kingdom
  • Mantracourt Electronics Ltd
    Exeter, United Kingdom
    Harbury, United Kingdom
  • Signatrol Ltd
    Tewkesbury, United Kingdom
  • Tendo Systems
    Bangor, United Kingdom
  • Testo Ltd
    Alton, United Kingdom

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