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  • British Bakels Ltd
    Bicester, United Kingdom
    "Bakery Ingredients since 1904" - this strap line sums up what we do but a more comprehensive description of our activities would be as follows:- Bakels Companies develop, manufacture, distribute and technically support bakery ingredients for every market and product sector - craft, industrial, supermarket - bread, pastry, cake and confectionery - on all five continents. Our products are formulated to meet customer's specific requirements, from scale of production to local specialities. All are fully supported by teams of technical specialists. In the larger Bakels companies these teams are focused on specific market sectors to give the highest level of technical support.
  • Lesaffre UK & Ireland
    Worcester, United Kingdom
    Lesaffre was founded in 1853 and has now become a leader in the domain of bread-making yeasts, yeast extracts and bakery ingredients. The independent French family-run group has a presence on all five continents and works with over 9,000 employees. Lesaffre has unique technical skills that it has thoroughly mastered, and enjoys top-level expertise in the production, fermentation and the transformation of yeast in all its forms. Lesaffre UK and Ireland was formed at the start of 2017 by the merger of the previous DCL Yeast and Fermex teams, now with a product range extended by the acquisition of LFI, a leading UK based bakery ingredients manufacturer.
  • Zeelandia Ltd
    Colchester, United Kingdom
    Zeelandia Ltd is part of the Royal Zeelandia Group, serving the baking industry around the world with high quality baking ingredients. The company was established in 1900 in Holland and has been operating in the UK since 1956. With a wide range of bakery ingredients for bread and cake producers, including mixes, concentrates, fillings, toppings, and release agents Zeelandia is proud to support all sectors of the professional bakery trade from the craft baker to the large industrial baker.
  • Newport Industries Ltd
    Richmond, United Kingdom
    Newport Industries is one of the largest suppliers of BRC Sodium Bicarbonate and Soda Ash in the UK. We supply over 250 clients, from multinationals to local manufacturers with sales exceeding 400,000mt’s per annum across our entire range. A passion for serving manufacturers small or large, we rely heavily on Supply Chain Management activities, investing in Infrastructure, IT and People. Newport was established in 1997; with offices in London and Dublin, laboratories in Shanghai and our own dedicated five-acre port facility in Liverpool. Today we are the fastest growing UK distributor.
  • Andrew Ingredients Ltd
    Lisburn, United Kingdom
  • Associated British Foods plc
    London, United Kingdom
  • HSP Group Ltd
    Hungerford, United Kingdom
  • Kluman & Balter Ltd
    Waltham Abbey, United Kingdom
  • W & H Marriage & Sons Ltd
    Chelmsford, United Kingdom
  • Sonneveld Group BV
    Thirsk, United Kingdom
  • Symington's Ltd
    Leeds, United Kingdom

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