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  • Cama UK
    Swindon, United Kingdom
    CAMA Group is a Global leader for complete secondary packaging systems including high-speed cartoning, sleeving, robotic product handling and case packing. Cama is a global partner with many major multi-national groups due its outstanding packaging knowledge combined with a unique machine range and innovative robotic loading units. CAMA has the capability to propose complete lines starting from the handling of primary packages such as flow-wraps, bags, trays, etc. up to the supply of final carton/corrugated packaging ready for palletising.
  • Ishida Europe Ltd
    Birmingham, United Kingdom
    Ishida is the world leader in the design, manufacture and installation of weighing, packing and inspection solutions for the food industry (from single machines to wall-to-wall solutions), helping manufacturers reduce costs and downtime, increase efficiencies and maximise profits. The company’s extensive product range includes multihead- and cutgate weighers, traysealers, batchers, graders, leak detectors, X-ray inspection systems, checkweighers and other quality control systems, all of which enable it to provide fully integrated solutions for many different applications.
  • CWM Automation Ltd
    Gainsborough, United Kingdom
  • Denestech Ltd
    Ash, United Kingdom
  • Euroflow Engineering Ltd
    Boston, United Kingdom
  • FANUC UK Limited
    Coventry, United Kingdom
  • J Coulthurst Ltd
    Preston, United Kingdom
  • PACE Mechanical Handling Ltd
    Spalding, United Kingdom
  • Pregis Limited
    Stevenage, United Kingdom
  • RMGroup
    Newtown, United Kingdom

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